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Runningluv™ was designed and developed by Danielle Aiken in an effort to create a hands free, drop resistant tissue to tackle her runny nose.  Creating a product that she had quick access to without dropping it while she ran was her goal.     


It started in 2011 when Danielle and her husband (best friend) of 17 years, Dwight, changed their lifestyle.   Together, they began running as part of their attempt to lose weight and get healthy.  Having never been a runner before, Danielle did not realize that breathing, stride and focus were all important factors.  While trying to concentrate on all of this, Danielle often became very distracted with her runny nose that needed much more attention than a wipe on the sleeve.  The hassle of carrying a bulky towel, handkerchief, smearing "snail trails" across a sweat band or running back around to pick up her dropped tissues were tried attempts that didn’t meet her needs.  In addition, it  became obvious that her runny nose wasn’t the only distraction.  Sweat brought on a new list of concerns that needed to be addressed.

It didn’t take long before Danielle created the first prototype to solve her snot and sweat problems.   Quickly realizing that one product could be used to solve both her issues, Danielle began testing fabric samples and sewing her own running gloves.  That is when the runningluv was born.  Initially created for her own use, research of her situation proved that other runners had similar issues.   At this point Danielle decided it was time to share the runningluv and its benefits with others.

Not long after the first prototype, the application for a patent was filed.  Danielle is proud to currently design, sew and distribute the product from her home in Nesbit, MS.  Expanding her business and introducing the runningluv to other runners, athletes and sportsman nationwide are the hopes for the future as she travels to Health and Fitness Expos.

Danielle and Dwight continue to run, race and develop runningluv together.  They have three amazing children that range from high school to pre-school age.  So, if Danielle is not chasing her runny nose or tackling her sweat while running, then she is keeping up with the ones that make the LUV in runningluv worth it all.  

Catch what runs.


...It's the runningluv™.

        PSALM 26.2

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