Our Product and How it Works

Keep your hands free while you run.

It's a towel that wraps, and a tissue that tucks into a sweatband around your wrist or hand.

It's not just for running.  Take it to the gym, on the bike or anywhere you need to catch what runs.









Runningluv™ is a versatile, sweat towel and tissue in one! Our unique Patented design features a towel-and-tissue attached to a band that may be worn like a fingerless gluv or around your wrist to catch what runs.

The band of the gluv is a quick drying, lightweight, Lycra™/Spandex and Nylon blend. Lycra™ stretches up to several times its original shape, therefore allowing the fit for most hand sizes.

The highly absorbent towel-and-tissue is a Bamboo/Organic Cotton terry blend. It is breathable and hypoallergenic. One side features small, short loops with a soft texture, and thirsty absorbency. Perfect to catch your sweat. The opposite side is flat, absorbent and gentle to the skin. Great to catch your runny nose.

The runningluv™ is created to be a simple, functional, and fun accessory to your workout or sports attire. Although originally created for running, the runningluv™ is so much more. Whatever your luv is, just add the gluv to your favorite sport. Because it allows your hands to be free, you are sure to see bikers, walkers, dancers, band campers, track members, group fitness goers, and more sporting their runningluv™.

catch what runs.™

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