Frequently Asked Questions

What is a runningluv?

Runningluv is the only fashionable, flexible and versatile fitness towel-and-tissue in one!  The drop resistant band allows your hands for be free for easy access and less distraction during your run, workout, hike, bike ride or whatever.  The band is made of polyester or Nylon and Lycra(TM)or Spandex.  The simple design allows you to wear it on either hand or wrist.  The two sided fabric attachment allows for an easy distinction between sweat or snot.   This tissue side is flat, absorbent and gentle on skin.  The towel side features small, short loops on the outside which are thirsty to collect your sweat from a hard workout, long run or from the summer heat.  The runningluv is the newest, must have accessory that will complete your look with our fun color combinations!    

How do I wear my runningluv?

Runningluv is worn just like a fingerless glove or sweatband.  Simply take the band and slide it on your hand with the opening of the band around your thumb.  The runningluv was designed to allow the towel to open easily, and turn into your tissue.   When not in use, wrap the towel around your palm or wrist.  This is just ONE of the great ways to wear the runningluv.  The unique design of the runningluv allows the band to be worn many different ways; around your palm, your wrist, over a glove, or even around a water bottle.  

What does runningluv mean and how did you get the name?  Is it pronounced running luv or running gluv


They are both right and here is why.  When the first runningluv was made, before it was even a prototype in the making Danielle took the fishnet glove and a piece of cotton she made with her every run.  She called it her running glove.  When it was time to find a domain runninglove.com was taken.  Danielle and Dwight tried to think of another name but it was Danielle's running glove and she couldn't call it anything else.

So, runningluv it was. You can pronounce it like it was originally called, running gluv or because runningluv(TM) has taken Danielle and Dwight further than they ever imagined it's also their running luv (love).  

It's taught me, what ever I do, to do it with my whole heart, love what I do and just run (go) with it. Even if it's wrong, at least I tried. ~ danielle


[runhning] your nose runs, sweat run, tears run

[gluhv] to catch what runs

What does one size fits most mean?

The runningluv band is made of a 4 way stretch, Lycra(TM) or Spandex blend and Nylon or Polyester.  Lycra is made to stretch several times its original size, while still retaining its original shape.  This feature allows the band to stretch to fit most hands.  The band is designed using the palm width of an average size woman's hand. 

I don't see the color combination I'm looking for?

Runningluv is always adding new colors, combinations and seasonal items to its collection.  At this time we do not offer custom combinations, but would love to hear your suggestions.  We are also glad to assist you in find something close to what you are looking for.  Feel free to contact us at: info@runningluv.com 

How do I wash my runningluv?

We recommend hand washing your runningluv in cold water, with a drop of detergent, then rinse and hang to dry.  Please note: the color on some bands may run, so hanging your runningluv by the towel is best.  Although not recommended, you may wash your runningluv in cold water with your workout clothes.  Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets if you chose this method. 

I need to make an exchange or return, what do I do?

We want you to luv your runningluv.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your runningluv please email us at info@runningluv.com.  Your concerns are important to us and contacting us prior to mailing your runningluv back will allow the most efficient handling of your return or exchange.  

Where are runningluvs manufactured?

Runningluv was created in Southaven MS.  We proudly design, sew and ship each runningluv from he.  Because runningluvs are not factory made, slight variations may occur between products, without compromising their function or high quality.  Each runningluv you receive is meticulously handcrafted and personally inspected.

Where can I buy runningluvs?

Runningluvs are sold here, at runningluv.com any time of the day or year.  We may also be found at running Expos, so be sure to check out where we will be next.  We would luv to meet you.

What should I do if I made a mistake on my order, or my order conformation is incorrect? 

Please contact us immediately at info@runningluv.com and we will gladly assist you in making sure you receive exactly what you wanted. 

What if my question hasn't been answered here?

We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.  Please feel free to email us anytime at info@runningluv.com.




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